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I don’t really listen to 5SOS, but this hate being sent to Michael is disgusting. How can people call themselves ‘fans’ and treat a kid that way? Instead of sending hate, why don’t you re-evaluate your life, because deep down, all you are is a scare child in a ‘big’ person’s body. He’s a real person, with real feelings, and those who send hate are just real DOUCHES.


: Regarding the Boston Marathon bombings:This is the New York Times map...


Regarding the Boston Marathon bombings:

  • This is the New York Times map of the location of the bombings. Please stay away from this location and any surrounding locations.
  • Reuters News Agency currently has a live feed of the latest events.
  • If you have a friend or family member who was either participating in or watching the race or you live in Boston near the disaster, you can use the American Red Cross Safe and Well website to search for someone you’re worried about and/or to register yourself in case others may be worried about you.
  • If you are over 18 and you live in Boston, please donate blood at the Boston American Red Cross. Please wait before donating as police are scanning the area for more threats. MGH is accepting blood tomorrow morning, April 16th, at 7:00 am.  
  • Follow The Boston Globe on twitter if you want really quick live updates of the situation that may include possible places to avoid/leave. You can also follow the Boston Police Department and the City of Boston on twitter to keep up with the events happening.
  • Other cities including New York and Washington are on alert. Mark Boughton, mayor of Canbury, Connecticut tweeted, “If you see something, say something. All cities will be on a heightened state of alertness per Homeland Security protocols.” Please stay on high alert.
  • If you have information regarding the incident, please call 1(800)494-TIPS.
  • Please show respect and have some common decency. Don’t make jokes about the situation.
  • If you live in Boston, please stay inside and please stay safe. Phone lines are down so contact any family members online if possible. Everyone else, please stay safe as well.

To the victims and the family of victims, you’re in my thoughts and I’m sending my peaceful and happy thoughts your way. 

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“ - Who said I love you?
  - Every single look you give me, every single word you speak to me shouts it out to the high heavens.”{x}

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❝ Fantasy #104: How He Knows You Are Angry…

Louis: Your lip will poke out and your arms will cross around your chest defensively. You situate yourself on the couch and blankly stare at the television, wall, or photo frame. Basically, anything that is not him or the person you are angry with. Of course, him being him, he will waltz in and sit on your lap. You try to shove him off, but his arms are already tight around your body; as he hugs and kisses away any trace of anger or resentment.

Zayn: It’s pretty obvious when you are angry, because you are screaming and stomping around like a mad woman. You are like a hurricane, and if he is in your way, he will be blown away. Zayn tries to stay far away from your clutches, but it is hard, considering nowhere is safe. So, he tends to camp out in the bathroom or at a friend’s house until the storm and is over and it is safe to come home and comfort you.

Liam: When you are angry, you laugh a lot. But, it is not a humorous laugh, it is insane and maniacal. One word can be spoken and you are laughing and spurting with profanities and curses, directed toward no one in particular (but mostly him, if he deserves it). You laugh and laugh until you explode, like a ticking time bomb. Liam’s only hope is to diffuse your bomb or run and take cover. The latter option being the safest option.

Niall: If you are angry, then he is too. When you yell and bash your co-workers, he does too. If you want to bash him, then he will counter it, calling himself an idiot and beating himself up the way you desperately want to. You both scream and yell for no reason at all until your emotions are spent (as well as your lungs). Eventually, you will plop down on the couch or the bed, and he will follow your steps, ready to apologize and heal your woes.

Harry: You become dangerously quiet. Not one word falls from your quivering lips and whenever he asks what is the matter, you only shake your head. Is it any of his business anyway? A lot of the time, he will wait it out and let you confess your feelings when you are ready. But, if he feels like he needs to intervene, he will pull you onto his lap and bury his face in your neck; coaxing the anger out of you.

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